Invitation to Linger explores landscapes, both interior and exterior. Inspired by memories, feelings, scenes, and experiences, the artists invite you to pause and enjoy. Works in acrylic and mixed media by James-Allen Holmes, Jenny Wilson, and Karla Raines draw the viewer in while they extend the surface out.

The artists invited two local creatives to enrich the visitor experience. Taste-maker Tammy Abramovitz brings an eye for stylish composition as guest curator. Tammy is known for arranging unexpected style elements in bold tableaus. Tammy hosts a Curator’s Cocktail Party featuring her signature punch.

The eye is delighted by art and fashion pairings featuring one-of-a-kind creations from Mona Lucero. Richly embellished jackets and headpieces intermingle with the paintings. Mona brings her artistic flair to a Valentine pop-up shop within the gallery. Mimosas with Mona features giftable fashion and art pieces for your sweetheart.

Collaboration brings a fresh perspective to highlight the artwork in situ exploring sightlines, color stories, textures, and inspirations across two- and three-dimensional creations. It’s a wonderful way to kick off 2024 at D’art Gallery. Visitors will enjoy a curated Spotify playlist courtesy of Tammy and James.

Invitation to Linger runs January 18 – February 11, 2024.


1/18 – Opening Reception, 6-9 pm (Private event)

1/19 – Art Appreciators’ Night, 5-9 pm

1/27 – Curator’s Cocktail Party, 6-9 pm (Private event)

1/28 – Sundays on Santa Fe, 1-4 pm

2/2 – First Friday, 5-9 pm

2/11 – Mimosas with Mona Fashion Pop-Up, 1-4 pm


Jenny Wilson has made it her life’s work to explore the beauty and mystery of nature through her art. Wilson’s paintings are inspired by the natural world and the interplay of light and dark in the sky and horizon lines. Her work evokes a sense of wonder and contemplation, inviting the viewer to lose themselves in the vastness of the landscapes she portrays. Website, Instagram, Linkedin 

James-Allen Holmes is a visual artist based in Denver who  creates brilliant abstract paintings using bold colors and rich textures to translate his inner life through a unique visual language. His body of work exists to be gazed upon and contemplated with the hope that the paintings inspire optimism, abundance, peace, and love. Website, Facebook, Instagram 

Karla Raines is a mixed media artist. Beauty inspires her. An endearing love for fashion and style (she learned to sew when she was ten years old) finds its way onto the canvas as she manipulates various paint mediums to create rich color combinations and delightful texture. Website, Instagram, Linkedin

Mona Lucero believes in the symbiotic relationship of art and fashion. She has a BFA from University of Colorado Denver, emphasizing in sculpture and painting and an AAS from FIT in New York. She uses art concepts in her apparel, incorporating her drawings and paintings. She has also utilized found objects, collage, embroidery and embellishments in her work. Website, Instagram, YouTube 

Tammy Abramovitz, guest curator, is either making a party or making an entrance. A creative sophisticate, Tammy’s eye on the show will embody imaginative, colorful, emotional, and inspirational through lines. This Colorado Stylemaker will Invite You to Linger by sight, sound, and palate. Facebook, Instagram