Awe…a fresh start! Isn’t that what we all need sometimes.
To start over. To begin again. Fresh!

This glowing beauty, Fresh Start, is from my new body of work on canvas. I started this painting in the winter of 2019 and it would be almost a full year later, after many starts and stops, until this painting would come into its majesty.

Some paintings just come together easier than others. Some work, like this one, needs space to breathe; to evolve; to open it’s self up to change. It takes time for the composition to come together; for the layers of color glazed upon each other to blend so perfectly together. Isn’t that so true of life? In the midst of all the pandemic craziness, this painting developed and grew into something beautiful and serene. Just as I have grown more as an artist, opening myself up to new opportunities, letting go of old beliefs that are holding me back, building layers of experiences through trial and error; allowing myself a fresh start to begin again- over and over.

“Fresh Start, represents the wide range of emotions I have felt this year in the studio. There is fear and uncertainty layered among hope, beauty and compassion in this painting. My use of vibrant colors and painting on canvas is meant to signify a fresh start in my studio, my work, and my life.”

Fresh Start, is now exhibiting at the 2021 Member’s Show at the Foothills Art Center located in Golden, CO. I am honored to be a part of this fantastic show with so many talented artists! The exhibition is open to the public and has set in place CDC guidelines for visitors to feel safe in each of their gallery spaces. You can reserve a time slot for you and your guests at Foothills Art Center for more information.

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Here’s to a fresh start!

Foothills Art Center
2021 Member’s Show
January 29-April 25, 2021
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art exhibition

Fresh Start, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 30 in, $2700